Falcon Heavy Launched Again

A Poem I've Already Tweeted

Falcon Heavy launched again, it’s off deploying cargo:
Two dozen Navy satellites above of gravity’s embargo,
A solar sail from head to tail made up of lightweight mylar
That some day in the future may take deep space pilgrims skyward;
A clock whose cesium stock might some day talk to GPS’s
Afloat themselves in deeper than earthbound GPS’s spaces;
And, sure, of course, let’s not ignore the all-important stashes
Of a hundred fifty two deceased who sent heavenward their ashes.
The boosters from each side, their jobs complete, returned and landed.
The middle one, well, let’s just say its case has been remanded.
A lower court’s the venue for the heavy middle engine,
Deep in the sea it seems to be; despite its deep space penchant.
Did Elon Musk build up some trust among his paying clients?
The Navy, NASA, newly dead; he’ll launch them all. For science!

Based on real news.

I’ve already tweeted this poem - hope you all don’t mind. It’s kind of like seeing a comedian on Conan and they do part of their set in conversation with Conan then you see their Netflix special later and the same material shows up there again. The material follows the artist around, folks. I’ll try not to spoil next week’s effort.

I am still working on the book-length poetic adaptation of Jurassic Park. That’s going okay, I suppose, though the pace is sort of deliberate. Life is different now than when I adapted Lebowski - I’ve had kids since then! Can’t exactly tuck away 8 hours on a Sunday to work on a frivolous parody project. I’ll let you all, my mailing list, know when that’s done.

I’ve been going back and forth in my head about whether I should send one email blast to my personal contact list to let them know that this poetry mailing list exists. I guess I should. I just don’t want to bother people. I don’t want to seem sales-y. This isn’t LuLaRoe; it’s free poems! Maybe I will. Sorry if you get spammed to joining a mailing list you’re already signed up for.

Very apologetic Monday! Thanks for reading this far. More poetry next week. You know the deal. Forward the email, tweet the link, hit the little “Like” heart. The more people sign up for this thing, the more people will know about the Jurassic Park thing, the more Jurassic Park-scale things I can make in the coming years.

No one has read this far. Doodoo. Balls. Candy bars. Cornholio.

This is Phil.

Image: Maiden Launch of Falcon Heavy - Wikimedia